Thursday, May 16, 2013


I live in a part of the country where private swimming pools are fairly rare, so we'd have little need for a company names Pool Supply Unlimited.  In fact, I don't often go to the public swimming pool either, though I've had patches where I was going two or three times a week with my wife, when we were doing aqua-jogging together.  When I aqua-jogged I used my arms, legs, extra equipment, the lot. Some a-joggers would merely go round the pool slowly, usually chatting with a friend, and barely making a ripple in the water.  It seemed a bit pointless to me, but each to his own, I guess. I probably should go back again, because these days, by early afternoon, I'm often feeling quite lethargic.  I thought it was perhaps because we were doing some reasonably strenuous walks together (the dog comes home pooped), but I don't think it's that.  I suspect that I'm just not getting the body moving quite so much as I was, and that leads to lethargy and that leads to an afternoon nap, and that leads to staying up later, and that leads to not sleeping so well, and then I still get up at the same old time, and then, by early afternoon, I'm as pooped as the dog.

Is it going to change?  Maybe not.  Perhaps the idea that we should be fit and energetic in our older years is a bit of a myth.  Perhaps that's an excuse.  I'll have to go and lie down and

The photo comes from a Bladder Cancer site; apparently there was some connection with what I was writing about, but the link no longer works. 

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