Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Generation C

I've discovered that I belong to a 'Generation' after all. Having missed out on being Generation X, Y or Z, it turns out I'm in Generation C, according to a blog post I read yesterday.
Generation C people are typically under 40, but don't have to be (and I'm definitely not). They merely need to be the sort of people who find it easier to do mundane tasks (such as online banking) on the Internet. As Ed says on the blog: ‘Generation C’ is here – those internet-savvy consumers that don’t have time to waste. And whilst they’re typically under 40, this is not a generation based strictly on age like Gen X and Gen Y. Gen C are people of all ages! It’s not an age thing – it’s an attitudinal thing to be Generation C. I regard myself as Gen C and yes… I’d love to be 40 again!

I don't know that I go along with his later comments about being a person for whom time is money and so on, but in general I do appreciate being able to do things online that really don't need a trip to town, or even a phone call (usually a process of getting through several number-pressing stages anyway). If the Internet's there and available, why not use it?

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