Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rehearsal Progress

For some weeks we’ve mostly been rehearsing scenes from the first act of Voyage of the Dawn Treader with just the main characters. That meant that in general there were no more than seven of us around at any time. Today we added in the ship’s crew, and suddenly just under twenty people are all trying to occupy the same space.

Most of today was spent on getting the ‘crew’ into their right places for the half a dozen scenes they’re in. Fortunately one of the cast has some nautical experience and can suggest what different people would be doing, but it’s obviously quite a task to find reasonable things for that many people to do for several scenes.

The ship has been built, though not decorated as yet. We’ve yet to find a workspace where the ship, the ‘triangles’ (multi-purpose triangles that can be set for different scenes) and the actors can all come together to rehearse. Several places that were possibilities have fallen through, but there are still some options left open. Let’s hope we can get into one of them soon!

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