Monday, November 04, 2013

Choristers' Concert

In just under two weeks' time, the ladies choir that I conduct - the Choristers - will have their annual concert.  I've been working with this group for most of this year, and it's been really enjoyable. I'm not the world's greatest conductor, and probably don't have a sufficiently good ear to be a really good choral conductor, but we manage, and the ladies are very forgiving...!

I took over at rather short notice from someone who'd originally come in just to fill in for the proper conductor, and who obviously then stayed quite a long time...  That's the sort of thing that can happen; the real holder of the job goes on temporary sick leave, and then doesn't get well, and the relief person winds up basically taking over.  So I've now taken over from the relief conductor - to her relief.

We've performed at several rest homes and groups this year, and will do even more of this next year. Because it took a little while for me as a new conductor to get up to speed, we didn't go out to places much early in the year, but since June we've been out and about a good deal.

The Choristers were originally the YMCA Choir - not being very much up with the history of the group I can't tell you when they changed their name, but I think it's some time ago.  I'll have to check.  Many of those who were in the YMCA Choir have now retired, due to old age, but old age hasn't stopped others.  Our group ranges in age from the late sixties to the late eighties. Nevertheless, we welcome women of all ages.  Because we practise in the daytime, all those in the choir are retired, with perhaps one or two exceptions.

The ladies are delightful, and it's been a pleasure working with them. They're looking forward to the concert on the 17th November, when they'll be including some recently-learnt songs in the programme, as well as old favourites.  The concert will be held at the Mornington Presbyterian Community Hall, in Maryhill Terrace. It starts at 2.00 pm. Cost is $10 a ticket, and of course there'll be door sales if you haven't booked in advance.

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