Sunday, January 16, 2011

Click here

After a number of years of being on the Net and writing links that baldly said, Click here, I was told a couple of years ago by the Communications Officer of our organisation that this usage was now terribly out-of-date, so 1980s, and shouldn't be used.

So I began to find alternatives to 'Click here,' or just added the link to a particular word in the content.

But I miss 'Click here'. It had a kind of authority about it, an essence of command, a kind of assurance that if you did click here you'd find something worth looking at. Adding links to random words, as is the norm these days all over the Net, tends to make me ignore the links...unless I'm really, really interested in going somewhere different.

Click here said: this is a vital part of the post, and you should read it. A link added to a word within the post just says: take it or leave it, I don't care.

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