Monday, August 06, 2007

1st lesson in Random Notes writing

I’ve just found that someone went searching for the phrase, ‘How to write random notes.’ Of course, my blog came up in the results, though not first. Perhaps I could start a course in the subject, as I seem to be doing fairly well at it. According to, there are some 534 posts on this blog. That’s enough to keep anyone going for a while in terms of learning how to write random notes.

Lesson 1. What is a random note?
A random note is one that by its very nature has no particular connection with what has gone before or what comes after it - if, in fact, anything does. It also has the nature of being something spontaneous, with a serendipitous element to it. In the true sense of the phrase, a random note will have no home; it may be attached to the fridge, for example, and will quickly lose its raison d'être, because the person who wrote it will often have forgotten why he or she wrote it.
It’s the sort of note that lies around a desk waiting to be handled, and is eventually consigned to Bin 13 along with other random items, such as the straw out of a drink, or last year’s festival button.
To write a true list of random notes, in the plural, requires an ability to skip from one subject to another without concern for continuity. (In this sense, this blog may be said to be something of a failure at times, as there are occasional consecutive posts that treat the same subject.) It requires readers to be whisked along like leaves on a breeze, skipping from one spot to another in the garden, or along the road, or across the field, until all sense of origin and direction is obliterated.
If these objects are achieved, then the random notes writer is well on his way to random notes success!
The photo of someone trying to write Random Notes comes from a blog called Hallam Foe.

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