Sunday, August 19, 2007

When Google pulls ideas together...

Someone did a search on Google the other day for Kiri te Kanawa tattoos. It was surprising how many results came up that had both Kiri and tattoos together. However, when you checked them out (including the one that came up with my blog) you found that New Zealand opera singer Kiri te Kanawa was in general keeping a good distance between herself and tattoos. Mostly the two ideas appeared on the same blog page, for instance, but days apart.
The same thing happened with Garrick Tremain, the New Zealand cartoonist, and the word, smoking cartoon. To my knowledge, Tremain has never done a ‘smoking cartoon’ but from the Google results you might think he had.
I find this blog is now appearing on German Google search results. Of course it helps if they go looking for L√∂ffelkippzylinder, which you’ll all remember means ‘bucket crowd ram’.

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