Monday, August 06, 2007

More on searching

I’m amazed to find that a couple of posts I wrote about Chrissy Popadics some time ago still mean I turn up on the search engines whenever anyone goes looking for her. I doubt that I’m very high on the list, but I’m on the list, nevertheless. And the same applies to Brent Stavig, who I’ve admittedly written rather more about.
In terms of topics that people search for that bring this blog into view, the highest on the list, believe it or not is, ‘shrinking shirts!’ And perhaps even more amazing is ‘athlete’s hand’. Two such topics as I never did expect to see any results from.
Slightly further down the list are a real mixed batch: Anna Leese, the opera singer; The Coroner’s Lunch - an amusing detective novel set in Laos; endowment express which apparently relates to a piece I did on endowment mortgages; and finally, actor James Mason and his role in the film, Odd Man Out.

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