Saturday, August 04, 2007

Searching with plenty of options

HitTail has had some interesting search queries thrown up that pick up my blogs, but I think the strangest has to be the following:
how to advertise the uneducated mother with the help of cartoons by about diarrhoea management
I have no idea what it means but the search results caught this blog first up! The two words that attracted it were ‘management’ and ‘cartoons’. The uneducated mother didn’t get a look in, and neither did diarrhoea, thank goodness. There’s enough of the verbal version of that on the blog without any other sort. The problem with such a range of words is that it’s likely to bring up fairly random search results. One on breastfeeding came up, as did one of HIV/AIDs; one of world population was there, as was one on helping a Jewish congregation manage their time. There were a few results for dealing with diarrhea also, which was probably just as well,

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