Sunday, August 26, 2007

Treat it like it's mom's

As a writer who usually works in rooms with one window and not necessarily the best of lighting, it would be great to work in one of the conservatories I’ve been in since we came to England. One of them is in the house we’re staying just now: a lovely window-filled space overlooking the garden, and the other was in my niece’s place. Like the first, it had been added to the house at some point in recent years and was a lovely place to sit and think - and type - in the sun.
Writers need open, airy spaces, don’t they? Well, tell that to the writers you know and see what they say. Most writers work in whatever happens to be available - that’s if they’re lucky enough to get a room to themselves in the first place.
I’ve been looking at a site where they do replacement window installation, which means in other words that they open up a dark area and make it light. This company has a catch phrase: "Treat it like it is mom's..." by which they mean that they treat every home they’re asked to decorate like it was their mother’s. Not a bad policy!
I’d be happy if they’d treat my home like it was mine, and add on the conservatory at the back of the house that my wife would really love.

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