Monday, August 13, 2007

On the search for cufflinks

While we’ve been in England we’ve been going to a lot of car boot sales and op shops, as I’ve mentioned on my Travel Blog.
One of the things I’ve been looking out for, apart from books of course, are pairs of cufflinks. At home I have a collection of some sixty pairs (I’d guess), and I’m always on the lookout for more. I don’t go for the fancy and expensive ones, the shiny gold jewellery that’s back in fashion. Rather my idea of a cufflink is a fun item, one that is either outrageously ridiculous (those large coloured ‘stones’ that have no gem value whatsoever) or ones that have been put out by a company or organisation, or ones that are just plain fun, like a pair - a rather large pair, in fact - I got yesterday in Diss which have four blokes playing various homemade musical instruments on them. And then there’s the pair that aren’t a pair: a golf club and ball. Or the ones that took us some time to figure out in the shop. The volunteer in the op shop and myself were puzzling over them until my wife came up and said: They’re computer mouses. And they were.

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